Lydia - TBA (AE)

Frontside - “Heat” (E, M)

Andy’s Room - “Yours Forever” (P, E, M)

Chon - “Homey” (AE)

Bo McDowell - TBA (P, E, M)

Daisychain -"You Moved Like I Want To" (E, M)

Virgin Suicides - “Undiscovered Colors” (P, E, M)

The Aces - "Don't Wanna Be That Girl" (AE)

Prima Donna - TBA (AE)

No Rehearsal - “Waiting” (AE)

Moon Ensemble - "Nastu" (MA)

Stal - TBA (AE)

Whalefall - TBA

Party Baby - TBA



Floorboards - "Loss Teaches Us The Worth Of Things" (E, M, MA)

Mildura - "With Change" (E, M)

Ridgeway - "Untitled" (E, M, MA)

Andy's Room - "Coping" (P, E, M)

Frontside - "No Love" (E, M, MA)



Fist Benders - "Fist Benders" (E, M, MA)

Frustrated - "Losing It" (E, M, MA)

Mildura - "Acoustic EP" (E, M, MA)



P- Produce  M- Mix  E- Engineer MA- Master  AE- Assistant Engineer